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Freelancer Work Permit

Freelance permit allows you to work on your own as an Independent Contractor / Sole Practitioner. This is completely legal in the UAE as long as you hold the essential permit. In UAE, one can obtain the permit as an Independent Contractor only on selected professional activity (mostly media related) approved by the government.

Freelancers may apply for permit and residence from a selected number of Free Zones in UAE which enables you to conduct business in your birth name equivalent to a brand name. Basically, your profession needs to be related to Free Zones activities. While there are five activities allowed in the education sector, the media category has nearly 50 activities, including acting, animation and journalism.

Off late a lot of professional entrepreneurs want to test the market before they even want to invest and setup a company in UAE. The freelance permit gives entrepreneurs an option to test the market.

Freelance permit slightly varies from establishing a start-up company. A lot of professional entrepreneurs initially start out freelancing and eventually upgrade to a proper setup as they get established.

For thousands of people it is more than a dream to become their own boss or people who have been working here for some time but want to start a side business in the free time. Freelancing is the best option to start off on your own.

Freelance permit is offered by selected Free Zones and the package allows the freelancers to base themselves in the Free Zone either by renting an office space or using a flexi-desk surrounded by other business who might require freelancer’s services.

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