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Documents Clearing

Victory Venture Documents Clearing provides you with the best services designed to help you to receive government approval and attestations for all of your important Documents and Contracts. The success of a business is built on a number of variables, one key area is the Contracts that it issues and it holds. Understanding the legal position of a Contract is an area where we excel. We can write any type of supplier or client Contract, MOU, RFP under International and UAE law to protect you and your position.

Victory Venture Documents Clearing understand the sensitivity and complexities of contract law and offers non-disclosure agreements (NDA). Our document attestation service is reliable, fast and economical and adheres to the highest business standards. We keep our clients informed about their documents and update them about the status at all times.

Victory Venture Documents Clearing works with the highest quality standards and highly competitive rates. We have become the preferred choice of our customers which includes many Corporates who engage us regularly for their requirements.

We attest all kinds of certificates, documents, degrees and affidavits.

We work with the following departments on your behalf:

  • Department of Economic Development DED

  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce

  • Ministry of Labour MOL MOHRE

  • Dubai Courts and Notary Services

  • Roads and Transport Authority RTA

  • Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

  • Emirates ID

  • Dubai Municipality

  • U.A.E. Embassies and Consulates

  • Dubai Immigration & Naturalization Department

  • General Department for Residency and Foreigners Affairs GDRFA

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